315 North Avenue

Millvale, PA 15209

Hours:  Mon, Wed & Thurs - 8 am-9 pm

               Fri & Sat  - 8 am-10 pm

               Sun - 11 am-6 pm

               Tues - Closed  


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Find old favorites and plenty of new brands to try on our beer list. Choose from several brands that are often hard to find in the Pittsburgh area. As always, if your favorite isn't on the list, let us know and we'll find it for you.

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When you choose to get your beer at Atkinson Beer Distributor, you get it all.


There is no need to exhaust yourself running from store to store. Stop in and you will leave satisfied every time.

•  Anheuser Busch, Coors Light, Corona, Iron City, I.C. Light, Miller

•  Anderson Valley, Straub, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Dogfish

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From domestics to imports and seasonal favorites, you'll drool over the selection offered to you

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Stop in, browse around, and enjoy the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of our neighborhood store, in business for over 50 years. Pick up your favorite beer or try something new. Get your beer from the frig or off the shelf after a long day at work.

Choose from these popular brands in stock

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